One of the great benefits that community theatre provides is the opportunity for people of all backgrounds to take their spot in the limelight. It doesn’t matter if you have previously graced the stage with your acting prowess, dabbled in acting way back in high school, or if local live theatre is on your “bucket list” – MTG has a role for you and auditions are a great place to start! All are always welcome, so bring your friends, neighbors, and any local natives that will fit in your car. Throughout the year, MTG puts on productions from comedies to musicals and dramas, and the available roles are just as diverse.

Our current audition opportunities are listed below and we invite you to join us for one – or all – of our shows! You will find being part of our community theatre family will provide you with the acting experience that feeds your aspirations and provides an experience of working with a tight-knit group that pulls together to “break a leg” on stage!

Upcoming Auditions:

Star on the Door: July 29 and July 30 From 6:30pm to 8pm; 2 woman and 4 males

Show Dates: Oct 11-13 and 18-20, 2024

Beverly – Doreen’s personal assistant, attractive, 28
Mel Thorn – The producer of The Inspector and the Aunt, short, balding, 55
Doreen Lewis – Eccentric, flamboyant actress, looks younger than her age, 60
Thomas – Doreen’s son, handsome, 35
Paul Burnside – Doreen’s volatile leading man, 57
Wolfgang Ferris – Hot-tempered Bavarian playwright of The Inspector and the Aunt, 40

Farce / Comedy
Cinema legend Doreen Lewis, nervously about to make her Broadway debut opposite her ardent admirer Paul Burnside, intercepts a phone call for her dresser who is secretly wed to Doreen’s son confirming that “Mrs. Lewis” is pregnant. A loony resolution caps this evening of non stop guffaws.

It’s a Wonderful Life: Radio Play; Sept. 22 from 1 to 4 & 5-7 pm; 7m 4w or a total of 11 people

And They Came for Me: Jan 5th & 6th, 2025, from 6:30-8pm; 5 Males and 4 Females

The Drowning Girls: Feb 23rd 1 to 4  & Feb 24 from 6-8pm; 3 Females

The director will consider all ages for the roles to be filled but will also be looking for the appropriate demographic balance in casting to retain integrity and believability.

A Note About Rehearsals

Directors are sensitive of the personal commitments of their actors and production crew and will coordinate their rehearsal schedules to allow for the most beneficial process. Usually, rehearsals will be held on select evenings during the week and on the weekends, commonly during the day.

Please keep these things in mind when considering auditioning

Be prepared: Thoroughly research the audition requirements provided and prepare with material to fulfill those requirements. Different shows mean different directors, so study the audition notice to understand the specific requirements for the show for which you intend to audition.

Know your schedule: Please come to the audition with a clear knowledge of your availability. If significant conflicts exist, be prepared to list them for the information of those casting the show.

Know the show: If the materials are available, research the show for which you are auditioning. If it’s a musical, listen to the soundtrack. If it’s a scripted play, research it online so you better understand the characters for which you are auditioning.

Be polite and courteous and listen: Everyone is given a chance to audition, from beginners to veterans. Listen carefully at the audition.  Details about the timing of casting decisions, first rehearsals, etc. are often given verbally at the audition. Always listen carefully for these details and take lots of notes!

Don’t get discouraged: You may, once casting decisions have been made, be unhappy with the role you receive, or you may not get cast at all. Don’t be discouraged! There will always be another show and auditioning is great practice for roles to come! If you don’t get cast in a role this time, remember there are many jobs backstage on the crews. You can still take part in the show by helping build set, help with props, or find costumes. 

 For more information email;