Judgment Days

Directed by Jeff Harris

Written by Dennis Fisher

The Bible says to judge not, lest ye be judged. As people stagger drunk in the streets of a small Illinois town at the height of the Great Depression, judgments are made and judgments are received. The repercussions have mortal consequences for a young family.

  • Cast & Crew

    Henry "Hank" Taylor:
    Brian Stroup

    Mildred "Millie" Taylor:
    Jenna Stinson

    Ada Wyatt:
    Julie Buck

    Agnes Dodd:
    Kelli Montgomery

    Joe Kamp:
    Rick Gaska

    Jerry Dodd:
    Jim Welch

  • Date

    February 19—21 & 26—28


Full Length Play
Period Drama


Adult Language & Themes

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Auditions Dec. 8—9